Sunday, August 17, 2014

Book Report #7 - Jane Austen's Guide to Dating (Ein Date mit Mr. Darcy)

This isn't a novel and even though there are snippets of Jane Austen's stories in it, this book is basically non-fiction. However, it still was one of my reads and I actually enjoyed it quite a lot.

Usually, I wouldn't have chosen such a book for myself (in German), but this was a present from a friend and when I couldn't decide what to read next from my pile of fiction, I decided it was time for something different.
The author often mentions that this isn't a "How to" book and actually it's part of her argumentation that such books are rubbish. Nevertheless, I believe this IS exactly just another relationship guide, just with another approach. 
You don't need to be in a relationship or even wanting one to enjoy this book, however you should have some interest in the stories and characters of Jane Austen. On the other hand, you don't need to know those by heart, since when the author uses them, she describes the relevant characters and the situation quite well. 
I liked that there are also contemporary examples and that it shows how times have changed since the Bennet's & Co.. 
Since all sorts of different types of persons and circumstances get dealt with, it may take a while until you find one or two that speak to you directly. I believe I actually did learn a thing or two from this book.

The best part, however, are the personality tests at the end. 
First, you answer a couple of questions to find out which Jane Austen character is like you (or vice versa) - and you'll also get told how well which Austen character would be suited as your partner. Be mindful, this only works for women who want to date men ;) Sorry to all other kind of reader. I got "Elizabeth Bennet" as a result, without cheating!
Then you can answer questions find out which would be your ideal Austen man. Those were a bit odd at times and I wasn't always quite sure how to answer them. However, I got "Captain Wentworth / Henry Tilney / Mr Bingley" - of which I would choose Captain Wentworth, since he was also one of the men compatible to "Elizabeth" (although Tilney was among them, too) and I really like him and Persuasion.

Although I probably never will write a non-fiction book, it was interesting to read these character studies. I'm sure this knowledge will come in handy one day.

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