Monday, June 11, 2012

Writer's Workshop - building believable characters - final edition

All right, thrice the charm, isn't it? :)
I couldn't help but write another character sketch for Honey's Writer's Workshop and trying a new approach for the first one.
On the other hand, thanks to this little exercise, I know have one for each of the three main characters from my Twisted Paths (well, one of them is the villain). They are now far clearer in my mind (and now even in written words) than before.

This was the task:
Exercise: Do a character sketch. I found this website, click on the word here, with some great suggestions for building characters.

Let me introduce you to the villain of "Twisted Paths of Fate".

Rhianne of Duskandar was born with a fearless heart and the iron determination to get what she wants at any cost, the perfect material of a warrior-princess. She shares the wild mane of red locks with most of her female kin, and also their lush curves and hot temperament. However, she learned the rare skill to control it out of self-preservation. Her eyes are often called sky blue to flatter her, but she herself sees in them the inheritance of her father, reflecting the hue of Duskandar steel. And like that rare metal, Rhianne is able to turn her gaze into a dangerous weapon, just like anything else that is available to her – adapting her behaviour to fit expectations, a seductive swing of her hip, gathering information with keen senses and a sharp mind. Being kept as a hostage since childhood could not quench the fire in her blood, but she is well able to fool her captors and everyone who underestimates her.

And here is once more the main-character, this time with a few more details and less story.

Valeria Temerit has learned to hide her emotions and thoughts behind an unreadable mask at an early age, especially after her mother left her and she became a powerful seer. Not much more than her dark hair reminds her of that family bond, and she guesses that more than a green tinge in her blue eyes are the inheritance of a father she never knew. While growing up, she came to accept that her features and figure would always be rather bony and long than soft and round, not unlike her character. However, confidence in her power and the respect she earns through it always meant much more to her than beauty or being charming. Valeria takes pride in the fine lines and unique patterns that her magic paints in silver all over her skin, knowing they are well earned. The inability to see her own future unless it's connected with another person's fate is only one of the reasons she is devoted to her responsibilities. She also values the delicate balance between the freedom that being a seer grants and the clear lines in which the world unfolds before her eyes. 

The offer still stands, please let me know any comments and critique about this you have on your mind.


  1. Good job on both of those. I'm so glad that the exercise helped you know your characters better. That was the whole point of it.

    1. I guess it was ... I'm looking forward what else you have in store for us!

  2. You are getting really good at these! I especially liked the first one Rhianne of Duskandar, "She shares the wild mane of red locks with most of her female kin, and also their lush curves and hot temperament..." fabulous! (: