Thursday, November 1, 2012


Since I will invest this year's 50K of NaNo-words into continuing my unfinished project, it was about time to create an overview to show me (and whoever else might be interested) where those poor things stand.
Those are all the stories, big and small, which I started at one point and plan to complete in the (probably rather far) future.
If you have some interest in my writing or couldn't help to overhear it, you may realize that some projects are missing - those are the ones I most likely will abandon or would have to majorly rewrite before they stand any chance of survival.

One might say you should concentrate on 1 story and probably kill a few others, but that's not me. I neither give up easily nor can I focus on one thing for a long time.
Besides, each of those dreams has its very own reason to be made reality

So, let's see how this looks after NaNoWriMo 2012.

My Writing Projects
TitleTypeStartedWord-CountLast Update
Blind Maskfanfiction* 27.01.200562.40429.02.2012
Change Backfanfiction* 08.09.200711.05030.07.2008
Der Birklingnovel01.11.200923.75929.02.2011
Diary from the Futurenovel01.11.200937.69429.02.2011
King Proudbeardnovel01.11.201166.91629.02.2012
Neverlost and Everfoundnovel01.11.201075.22929.02.2012
The Messengershort story01.10.20112.805** 20.02.2012
The Other Sidenovel01.11.200886.15707.10.2009
Twisted Paths of Fateshort story06.03.201214.21430.06.2012
Two Wordsfanfiction* 22.06.20082.20122.06.2008
untitled fantasy booknovel* 2000??

* estimated start-date of a project, e.g. first partial upload
** perhaps not really finished
bold update-date means the story was finished on that day

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