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#REN3 / Rule Of Three - Chapter 4

The Messenger - Chapter 4

Rule-of-Three prompts chosen:
- relationships mend/are torn asunder
- the misfortune is resolved/accepted
- the final event becomes another secret for generations to come

Prologue (not part of the challenge)
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

word-count: 595

My brain had a hard time catching up with what was just happening. I wished I was back at home in my old life, but that was far away and it felt long ago. Besides, the things I've seen and done have changed me far too much.

A few moments ago, I had experienced the strange sensation of being completely cut off from my master.
It was that man, this storyteller. I was drawn to him, like a moth to the light. At first, I believed it was just his enticing voice and handsome stature and I felt a bit like the foolish girl I once had been.
But then his eyes gave him away and I was able to break free from his spell. I knew these blue-grey orbs, so pale they almost seemed colourless. The Shadow's 'gift' had shown them to me. If I opened my bundle now, they would undoubtedly stare at me out of a crystal ball that will have turned from black to grey, since it has been so close to the Chosen One.
I had felt a strange relief when I had been assaulted by my master's voice afterwards. To proof to myself that our bond had not been severed I even had dared to question it about those men in the forest. However, before I could ponder about its weird answer, the fabric of the world around me suddenly had seemed to shift and had left me breathless.

I recognized the voice behind the laughter immediately, I just didn't understand what this storyteller had in mind. As I hastened back towards him, pushing through the crowd that has been stunned by the Shadow's touch, I realized that somebody must have called it. The people of Renaissance probably weren't aware which curses actually had some power in them.
**No! Leave him alone!** Of course, it was useless. My master would never listen to me in such a moment.
I stopped and stared. A circle of free space had formed around the Chosen One. The eager listeners who had not fled in time were crouching in fear and pain on the ground, or simply did no longer move, among them the one who had uttered the curse. My master hovered over them, like a frayed storm-cloud. This was wrong.

**What happened?** I did not dare to approach further or touch anybody, I've learned to be cautious the hard way.
**Oh, don't bother, little Ariki. This one will soon cease to exist and you'll be free - at least from this master.**
I recoiled when Keo's thoughts invaded my mind. I didn't know how this was possible, but I surely suddenly knew a great deal more about him than before. Such a link between minds opened you up to one another, and the name you currently went by was apparently close to the surface.
"Who are you?" I refused to touch his mind willingly, hoping this would keep him out of mine, too.
"That's none of your business." An annoyed look crossed his pale face, which did no longer seem attractive to me.
I could sense the bond to my master weakening. Keo must have known about its vulnerability while answering a curse, and he obviously had the power to harm a Shadow. This had been a bad choice.
**Fight him! Take what you need, do what you must, but fight or flee!**

Every single soul in Renaissance felt the surge that left its marketplace filled with motionless bodies. Later, a broken ball of white crystal was found in one corner.


So, this is the end - or is it?
The fantastic challenge of the "Rule Of Three Blogfest" seems to be over - but now starts the reading of all the other last chapters and then there is the waiting for the judges' decision.
I don't think I will stop doing writing challenges. Well, of course NaNo will start soon and that will keep me quite busy during November, but afterwards?
And what about Ariki, her Shadow and Keo? Is their story really over - or do they just travel beyond Renaissance?
I'm certainly a bit sad that there won't be new prompts on Friday, even if I really should concentrate on my NaNo-project now.

Anyway, I hope I'll stay in touch with some of my fellow Renaissancers even if there won't be new chapters of these little stories waiting in their blogs each week.
If you still don't about the rules for this challenge, look here for example.

Reviews would make me happy, even if you are not pleased with my ending.

If you want to get an eMail whenever I post something or about something specific on my blog, just contact me, please.

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