Saturday, October 1, 2011

Second Campaigner Challenge

Papilion Calls Imago

All inhabitants and crew members of the station please beware of the following symptoms:
- decreasing synchronicity between the physical and mental timeline
- partially or completely vanishing reflections in the mirror
- experiencing a feeling of being trapped in a lacuna or stupor

We regret to inform you that there are only few counter measures that can be taken to protect yourself:
- in the rare cases when the miasma is visible, evade it at all costs
- try not to oscitate in the outer regions of the station, because there is the most danger of infection

The Company is constantly increasing its efforts to decontaminate the whole station, beginning with the most vital sections.
Please understand that private living-quarters don't have priority and might have to be discarded entirely if they become a liability to the station.

Don't use the emergency escape-pods, they are currently accessible only via highly infected routes and there is absolutely no need to abandon the station.

Finally, the Company requests that all individuals who are able to initiate their imago state on their own report to the department "Papilion" immediately. Any info-terminal will tell you the fastest and safest route to get there.

This is my post (I'm number 180) for the Second Campaigner Challenge as was set up here:
(It really was a lot tougher than the first, but a lot of fun, too!).

(this was original posted first in my Livejournal, including comments)  

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